We develop projects that offer integral solutions in their different phases:

Mechanical and electrical engineering

Design of tooling, manual stations, semi-automatic and automatic machines and electrical cabinets using the world’s leading electrical and mechanical design software tools.

Mechanical and electrical manufacturing

Manufacture with the highest quality standards for parts, electrical cabinets and mechanical and electrical assemblies in general.

Assembly and installation

Innovative and highly effective solutions to the challenges that our clients present to us.


Software engineering oriented to the control and supervision of machines and processes.


Commissioning of machines, equipment and production lines using multidisciplinary teams.

Refurbishment & Retrofit

Technology evolves but productivity, … or that today is productive tomorrow may not be.


Flexibility in product and process handling requires the incorporation of robots in a growing number of sectors and industries


The domain expertise in development and processes environments make us possible to properly train our personnel (engineers, technicians and workers) through personalized and taskoriented training.

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