We give shape, with our team of specialist engineers and the most modern means of Computer Aided Design (CAD), what at first are only ideas and customer requirements. Simple, efficient and optimized detailed engineering as a guarantee for complex multi-sector projects.


We have our own manufacturing capacity complying with the highest quality standards and in accordance with the customer's requirements for individual parts, sub-assemblies and mechanical assemblies; electrical cabinets for power, distribution and control. Every detail of the manufacture is supervised in close collaboration with the customer.

Automation - Robotics:

We firmly believe that programming is one of the most important aspects that define the quality of an automated system. Automation and industrial robotics bring numerous benefits for the productivity and efficiency of production resources, making possible the consolidation of Industry 4.0.

We develop projects that offer integral solutions in their different phases:

What do we do?

“Automate industry processes through design and manufacture of systems and machines special solutions, providing innovative solutions, quality that contribute to progress of people and companies.”

Reasons to work with AITEC

  • Experts in environments and systems Keyence, Rexroth, Rockwell, Siemens.
  • Broad experience in different manufacturers platforms.
  • Response times.
  • Operating costs.
  • Commitment with our costumers.
  • Competitiveness in the required projects.
  • Meeting the projects deadlines.
  • Commitment to high quality standarsfor our processes, products and services.
  • Reliability, credibility and legality.

Our projects are our best guarantee and our
Clients are our best reference.


More than 80 projects worldwide.


More than 30 clients who support our work.


Years of effective experience.


Offices in Spain and Mexico.

Do you have an engineering project? Contact us and we will support you to develop it.