Press Together station for alternators


Press together station is an automatic station in which the process of loading (feeding) the part in the machine, unloading (evacuating) the part in the machine and the pressing of the shell in alternator are the automatic processes of the station.

The station is formed as an independent structure made of aluminum profile on which the elements of the following process modules or functional units are arranged:

  • Belt section (without motorization).
  • Car lift.
  • Sufridera + pressing tooling.
  • Hydropneumatic press
  • Red container for bad part segregation.
  • Perimeter protections.
  • At the control and visualization level, the station is equipped with its corresponding controller (PLC) and display (HMI).

The operation of the station will be:

  1. Model selection:
    a. Operator selects and adopts the model to be produced on the machine display (HMI).
  2. Preparación:/ preparation:
    a. Operator mounts upper press tooling.
  3. Adoption of operating mode:
    a. Operator selects and adopts automatic operation mode on the machine display (HMI).
  4. Product feeding:
    a. Transport trolley with assembled product reaches work retainer.
  5. Shell pressing:
    a. Lower vertical unit raises conveyor belt trolley
    b. Upper vertical unit with pressing tooling descends on product.
    c. Hydropneumatic unit located in the upper vertical unit is activated to press the two parts of the shell.
    i. The result of the pressing process is signaled to the operator by a 5-color pilot light.
    d. Upper vertical unit ascends to its rest position releasing the product.
    e. The lower vertical unit descends to its rest position, positioning the transport cart on the transport belt again.
  6. Product evacuation:
    a. Transport cart with product, if the station exit is released, it evacuates the transport cart.