Clipped temple control system


The pin control system in sensors for HEKUMA machines of PAS5 lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 by artificial vision inspection for:

  • Capture image of parts (right and left) in manipulator grippers before unloading to turner
  • Detect absence of pins in clips by analyzing captured images.
  • Evacuate defective parts to the rejection material deposit.
  • The clipping pin control system is formed as an independent structure made of anodized aluminum profile

This aluminum structure will be fixed to the tubular support of the machine, placing the following elements on it:

  • Illumination
  • Cameras
  • Regulation

The illumination of each one of the pieces (right and left) will be carried out by means of two (2) rings of internal red light.

The inspection of the pieces (right and left) will be carried out using two standard B / W cameras.
Each camera will be located in the geometric center of the diagonal created between the clips of the two models offered (FORD and NISSAN) in such a way that with a single camera per piece (right and left) it is possible to capture images.

The regulation will allow the adjustment of the lighting-camera set in the X-Y-Z axes independently for each set.

The operation of the system is:

  1. Image capture
    The parts transport handler stops before unloading the parts into the turner.
    It will be at that time when the artificial vision system will take images for further evaluation.
  2. Image evaluation
    While the manipulator unloads the pieces to the turner, the artificial vision system will evaluate the results of the inspections, proceeding to communicate to the machine control the Ok / Nok result of each of the two pieces.
  3. Evacuation of defective parts
    The defective parts from the clipped pin inspection will be evacuated by the parts unloading robot into the currently existing warehouse for Nok vision parts.