Assembly, inspection and test stations for valves


The installation is made up of 4 stations, each one of them as independent and completely autonomous structures, at a mechanical and electrical level, made of aluminum profile on which the elements of their process modules or functional units are arranged.

  • Lid assembly
  • Edging
  • High voltage test
  • Valve cleaning

The equipment of the stations as a guide:

Base – Standard

  • Machine structure in aluminum profile, equipped with lifting wheels with integrated fixing foot, end caps and slot cover gaskets
  • Steel base plate with surface finish.
  • Transparent polycarbonate perimeter protection.
  • Emergency button.
  • Controller (PLC) L40.2.
  • Control panel (HMI) VEP30.5.
  • FRL maintenance unit
  • Profibus valve system
  • Optical button (cycle start)
  • Optical push button (Nok part confirmation).
  • Box with key switch (override protections).
  • 5-color light indicator (presences, process results).
  • Red indicator light (only applicable to stations with safety barriers).
  • LED lighting system.
  • 2-color luminous beacon (operating mode, anomaly)
  • 5-color luminous beacon (result, operator warning).
  • Base device of the control system (programmable). Safety relay.
  • 8-port Ethernet switch.
  • External Ethernet connection box.
  • Main electrical cabinet (electrical cabinet). Fan. Filter. Thermostat.


  • Vision sensors.
  • Nok part control.
  • Security barriers.


  • Automatic riveting system.
  • Vision sensors.
  • Nok part control.
  • Security barriers.
  • 3-position dividing table.


  • Nok part control.
  • Electrical test.
  • Safety barriers.
  • Control of nests in working position.


  • RFID identification system.
  • Protection door switches
  • Vacuum / blowing elements.